Board of Selectmen Town Meetings

RCL December 14, 2015 BOS meeting notes

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  1. The report of the Town Hall Committee recommending that five options be further pursued to arrive at cost estimates generated vigorous discussion about (a) the willingness of the Town to fund additional study after the expenditure of $350,000 on Town Hall and (b) why the option list includes options that respondents to a recent survey appear to have rejected.   More Information
  2. The Selectmen voted down a request by the Heritage Commission to place a banner on Town Hall advertising its placement on the “Seven to Save” list.  Discussion of why the Selectmen are not supporting Heritage Commission efforts to take advantage of Seven to Save funds and resources. More Information
  3. A letter complaining about hunters shooting at deer near the Town Forest generated significant attendance on both sides.  It was agreed that postings for no hunting on certain conservation land needs to be improved. More Information
  4. A proposal to place a warrant article authorizing sale of the Parsonage Apartments to the Housing Partnership for one dollar was tabled to the next meeting following resident opposition.  More Information
  5. A septic pump out regulation for the Parsons Creek Watershed will likely appear on the warrant in March.  Septic sniffing dogs deployed in November detected human waste at nearly all locations where recent monitoring has detected high bacteria levels.  More Information