RCL Water District Meeting Notes August 2016

R CL Video:  https://vimeo.com/177591695

Time Stamps:

0:23 elapsed:  Representative from engineering firm, Wright Pierce reports on the status of various projects.

0:40 elapsed:  Parsons Rd. water main replacement.
0:56 elapsed:  Rate study (i.e. allocation of costs between taxes and water rates)
6:18 elapsed:  Master Plan and Capital Improvement Plan.  Pump house at Garland Well is the first near term.  Discussion of delaying other projects.
7:00 elapsed:  Garland Pump House project discussion.
12:50 elapsed:  More discussion on rate study.
13:48 elapsed:  Discussion of retained funds associated with $3.4 million Route 1A main replacement approved by voters in 2013.  Contractor Hugo Key has gone bankrupt.  Last month, the assets were sold and operations resumed, with the same people, under the name Key Construction.  One of the Commissioners referred to this as “different circus, same clowns.”  A Water District employee referred to this as “quite a job.”
16:35 elapsed:  Hampton (i.e. Aquarion) interconnection discussion.  This will initially be temporary, but may evolve into something more permanent.
21:05 elapsed:  Discussion of legislative push to get everyone located near the Coakley Landfill on public water to prevent migration of the plume as a result of water withdrawals from wells.  Discussion of whether the water should come from the Rye Water District (via the Portsmouth Water Department) or Aquarion.
27:37 elapsed:  More discussion on rate structure.
29:42 elapsed:  Discussion of whether billing frequency should be increased to monthly, as automated reading would make this possible.  This would allow leaks to be identified more quickly.  There are also cash flow implications.
35:45 elapsed:  Superintendent’s monthly report.  Water usage is up (apparently due to drought and watering).  Well levels are low, but not dangerously so.  The Garland well is at 19 feet, 20 feet when not pumping, compared to a prior low of 16.5 feet.  The other, bedrock, wells are pumping low.  Residents observed watering in the hot sun are being approached and asked to water at other times.
56:25 elapsed:  Lengthy discussion with two representatives of the insurer regarding health care insurance options for the three employees receiving benefits.  The existing plan will not be offered next year so the Water District will need to choose a new one.
148:16 elapsed:  Treasurer’s Report and discussion of cash flow.
159:45 elapsed:  Town Planning and Zoning issues discussed, including:
1.  Marjorie Way amendment relating to stone wall approved by Planning Board contingent upon Water District confirmation that it will not affect water quality.
2.  (164:48 elapsed).  Discussion of new South Rd. development.  Very preliminary at this point.  Discussion so far has focused on water runoff, water flows and ledge blasting.
166:55 elapsed:  Drought is expected to last into the fall.  The State has a mechanism for drought management.  Pilot program to share water with Portsmouth is on hold, pending significant rainfall.
169:20 elapsed:  Minor injury to employee Arik discussed.
171:18 elapsed:  Discussion of issues with the N.H. Department of Revenue Administration.  Donna Decotis has completed the minutes of the Annual Meeting, which was lengthy.  Copies will be e-mailed to the Commissioners for review.
152:10 elapsed:  Discussion of issues from the audit and three policy issues raised.  These are asserted to be old issues which have already been resolved.
174:15 elapsed:  The Commissioners will be keeping an eye on the water issue for properties around the Coakley Landfill.
175:51 elapsed:  Adjournment.

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