Planning Board Town Meetings

2016 Master Plan update & changes activities

This appeared in the October 2016 Civic News and shows that activities to date.  As of December 5th, there has been no public discussions to fund some of the proposed activities.
1. May and June Public Comments  Click Here
2.  At the September Planning Board meeting, Julie Labranche from the Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC), presented the last updated version of the “Coastal Hazards and Climate Adaptation” draft chapter.  The draft chapter is 20 pages long, which includes 6 pages of “Recommendations” organized under 7 primary Goals. Draft Chapter Click Here.  September Meeting minutes  Click Here
3.  The extreme drought affecting our region and our water supplies, a climate change related impact and a reality, is not addressed/developed/illustrated but for recommendations to “sustain drinking water supplies, sources, and infrastructure.”
4.  The emphasis on protecting water supply and quality in the draft chapter is primarily associated with the threat of rising groundwater levels.  In addition, there is no mention of the work, concerns, and recommendations made by a subcommittee of a Governor’s Task Force to study environmental concerns regarding the Coakley Landfill in regards to our water supply and quality.
5.  The timeline to update the 3 chapters, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Transportation, has been extended.
6.  The Long Range Planning Committee has not met since August 17th.  The membership of the committee is made of a few members of the Planning Board with Planning and Zoning Administrator, Kim Reed, as the acting Chair, and Julie Labranche from the RPC drafting the chapter.