Board of Selectmen Town Meetings

RCL Board of Selectmen Notes June 12, 2017

File for Civic News:   RyeBOSrclNotes061217revBfinal

  1. The Seacoast Greenway bike trail project is picking up steam as DOT and Pan Am are now closer to agreeing to the price for the former Eastern Railroad right-of-way.  Several residents and the Selectmen appear to support.  Only ¼ mile would be in Rye. More Detail
  2. Reduced weight limits, that will seriously curtail access by cement and rock trucks, were adopted for the Harbor Rd. Bridge.  While $100,000 will likely be spent this year and next to refurbish the bridge, those expenditures would not increase the weight limits and are a stop gap until 2028 when grant funds would be available to pay 80 percent of the bridge replacement cost of $300,000. More Detail
  3. A firm will be hired to assist in further tightening of the septic ordinance with the possibility of inspections being required upon property transfer, and high tech systems being required in critical areas.  More Detail
  4. The decision on seeking a grant for painting the Town Hall exterior was deferred after concerns were raised with a condition that would prevent the Town Hall from being demolished. More Detail