Board of Selectmen Town Meetings

RCL Notes of November 13th Board of Selectmen meeting

File for Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes111317revBfinal

  1. The Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club has blocked reinstallation of the “Sanders Poynt, 1623” sign and DOT has refused to allow it to be installed in the State right-of-way. The Town Administrator will appeal to the DOT Commissioner.
  2. The CIP Committee presented its plan for $2.752 million in projects in 2018, however some project costs include only the initial principal and interest payments. The true capital cost for just eight major projects totals over $5.8 million in 2018.
  3. An engineering contract was awarded for the Shoals View Dr. paving. The estimated cost is now $250,000.  The project will proceed in either 2018 or 2019.
  4. Beach parking sticker prices are being raised from $20 to $25.
  5. The Selectmen rejected, for now, the hiring of a “Jack-of-all-trades” by Public Works at a cost, with benefits, of approximately $72,000 annually.
  6. The Library budget was tabled after a contentious discussion with the Library Trustees. Selectman Musselman incorrectly characterized recent wage studies to argue that the Library, but not the Town, employees are overpaid.  Selectman Musselman also attempted to reduce the Library budget after the Library Trustees had left the meeting.
  7. The 2018 Conservation budget of $90,000 was approved notwithstanding only approximately $8000 of the 2017 budget having been spent through September. A flurry of last-minute spending will use up most of the 2017 budget.
  8. Despite the overwhelming rejection of a town-wide vehicle by voters in 2010, the acquisition of such a vehicle as part of 2018 operating budget was approved. It will be used for the transportation of injured seagulls, among other things.
  9. Permission to display, at the Town Hall, information related to an upcoming petitioned warrant article to demolish and rebuild the building will not be given. The proponent will need to obtain his own legal advice to make his warrant article conform with legal requirements for bond issues.

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