Rye Isolation Information and Activities

Hello, We will be updating this as we go with more information and with Zoom calls we schedule if multiple people request to have a discussion.

Parsons Creek Information: Click Here

Rye’s political history from Alex Herlihy’s Draft that interests you: an historical epoch, a decade or a specific political event. i.e. the 1970’s may be Rye’s greatest decade of citizen initiative to preserve the natural and built environment of the town. e-mail here. If there is interested from multiple people we will schedule a Zoom discussion with Alex.

RCL Civic News Sign up page: Click Here

Watch the 2019 overview on Rockingham County Video

Presenation slides from Nov 2018 Rye the Last 50 Years, the Next 50 Years

RCL Water in Rye Presentation: Click Here

Mindi Msinder Slides Click Here

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