Rye Walking Places

Can you go (safely with keeping your 6ft spacing) to all of these places in Rye? Table of what is permitted

Town Forest: Click Here for map

Marden Woods – entrance is near 309 Washington Road – bronze sign on the stone wall entrance.  One large loop. Park on Washington Road.

Seavey Acrese – entrance is off on Pioneer near the intersection of Brackett Road – small parking lot.  Enter through stone wall entrance – Green trail goes in and out; orange trail is a loop.

Verell Woods is an entrance to the town forest next to 192 Washington – Park on Washington Road.  No marked trail until you get to the town forest.

Rand Forest.  Park on the parking area to the left after you enter Sea Glass Lane.  GO behind the houses and walk towards the woods – there are two loops – one orange and one yellow. Or park at the end of Liberty Common cul de sac.

Cedar Run Woods – at the end of Cedar Run Road – parking ares to the left at the the road.  Short trail – in and out.  

Airfield Woods – park either at the end if Airfield Drive or at the end of the White Horse cul de sac – trail not marked but well groomed and easy to follow.

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