RCL BOS Meeting notes June 8, 2015

F ile for Civic news:  RyeBOSrclNotes060815revBfinal

  1. The plan for striping of Ocean Blvd. has been submitted to the State and has preliminary approval.  After the Commissioner approves, striping will occur forthwith. More Detail
  2. Parking problems adjacent to St. Theresa’s Church were highlighted by two residents of the area.  On of the residents was given permission to extend the gravel shoulder to prevent damage to his driveway. More Detail
  3. A beach permit was issued to The Shack, located near Wallis Rd. Extension, to rent its 30 stand-up paddleboards and also provide instruction.  More Detail
  4. A beach permit was issued, over the objection of Police Chief Walsh that too many permits had already been issued, to Get Out There Fitness to conduct boot camps at Foss Beach, and at the beach at Wallis Rd. Extension at high tides.  More Detail
  5. The Selectmen voted to expend $5000 for a parking meter study from excess funds that were to have been used for pavement striping.  This may permit the installation of parking meters a year earlier than had been stated at an April meeting.  More Detail
  6. The fireworks permit for the Beach Club for July 3 has not yet been approved due to concern over the proposed five-inch shells necessitating the closure of Ocean Blvd.  The matter will be addressed again at the June 22 meeting. More Detail
  7. The heating oil price is being locked at $2.18 for the 2015-2016 heating season.  This compares with a 2015-2016 School Budget assumption of $3.44.  More Detail
  8. An eleven member Town Hall Committee was appointed.  Only two of the appointees had served on the 2014-2015 Town Hall Committee.  More Detail

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