RWD Article Public Hearing March 19, 2015

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  1. Resident points to research that he did on SB2, indicating that, once towns become larger and less cohesive, factions and groups form, and traditional town meetings become less effective.  More Detail
  2. Another resident points out the planned $5.5 million water treatment plant in 2017 and expresses concern that such a project could be approved by 40 voters.  More Detail
  3. 3.       Cost of SB2 implementation was discussed.  Resident asserts that it would be “extremely minor” and less than $1000.  Water District budget provides for $2000.  More Detail
  4. 4.       Resident asserts that, of 1500 voters at the last election, 1000 would have lived in the Water District.  That is a lot more than 2, 3 or 40 that have been making the decisions in recent years, he asserted.  More Detail