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Conservation Commission July 20, 2017 RCL Notes


0:00 elapsed.  Meeting opened and vote to go into non-public session on Acquisition.
1:54 elapsed:  Wetland application, 300 Pioneer Rd., Map 24, Lot 111.  Owner Chuck Sampson was present.  He described the enlargement of the deck, the addition of a garage, generator and three propane tanks.  A site walk was scheduled for August 2 at 4:00 p.m.  The owner was informed that a State Wetlands permit would also be required, which is likely to be the more time-consuming approval.
23:06 elapsed:  The minutes of the June 15 meeting were unanimously approved without changes.  There was then discussion about approval of the May minutes not yet having occurred.  This will be checked.
24:17 elapsed:  A number of wetlands compliance notifications received were discussed.  These were 129 Wentworth Dr., 2250 Ocean Blvd., 1083 Old Ocean Blvd and 18 Straws Point.  These were notifications of compliance inspections to be performed.
26:30 elapsed:  Chairman Sally King announced that the Invasive Species presentation that was to be done by Tracy Degnan would not occur due to a child conflict.
There was then discussion of the Wetlands Restoration projects to be visited:
1.  7 Elizabeth Ln, map 24, lot 061-013, Robert and Shannon Werner, buffer restoration has been completed, according to the owner.  A site walk will need to be scheduled, at 5:00 p.m. on August 2 if agreed by the owner.
2.  245 Pioneer Rd., map 24, lot 118, Alex Zadeh, another buffer restoration.  There is a list of what was planted and photographs were provided.  A site walk will need to be scheduled.  It will tentatively be at 4:45 p.m. on August 2 if agreed by the owner.
3.  335 Washington Rd., map 16, lot 122, pond removal and wetlands restoration is still being worked on, as it was delayed due to wetness.

(30:29 elapsed)
4.  25 Appledore, Petralias.  There are still issues with the owner taking responsibility for the restoration.  The state has informed Suzanne McFarland of the Conservation Commission that Mr. Petralia had not responded to their letter.  A second letter will be written.  Their position is that it must be restored.  She also spoke with Building Inspector Rowell who said that he would probably also issue a notice of violation.  We went straight to the state because it was so blatant, Ms. McFarland said.  There was discussion about inspecting the Petralia’s property from the conservation land adjacent to the Surf Shack.
34:21 elapsed:  Conservation Protocols.  The ZBA had suggested ways for monitoring to occur when variances are approved with conditions.  Neither the Conservation Commission nor the Zoning Board of Adjustment has enforcement authority.  It was agreed that the Building Inspector would be approached as well as the Board of Selectmen.
There was also discussion about construction on Huntervale Ave. adjacent to conservation land, a call from a concerned citizen relating cutting on Park Ridge, work for $250 that Public Works did in the Town Forest, and a monitoring visit at Seavey Acres.
53:05 elapsed:  Bills were paid, including one for a surveyor for the parcel next to the Surf Shack.
There was discussion about working with the Energy Committee, particularly on solar energy at the Goss Farm.  They will present to the Selectmen on July 24.  There will be a presentation by the Energy Committee on offshore wind at 7:00 p.m. at the Library on September 20.    A letter will also be sent to abutters of the former Rand Lumber parcel, now conservation land, regarding abutters throwing grass clippings, kayaks and propane tank onto the conservation land.  There is also an article in the works for an article in Rye Magazine.
There was also a follow up from Brian Murphy regarding his warrant article on trails in the town forest.
65:51 elapsed:  The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 p.m.