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RCL July 16, 2015 Conservation Meeting Notes

File for Civic News: RyeConComNotes071615revCfinal

  1. Site walk scheduled for wetlands application at 31 Parsons’ Rd. on July 30. More Detail
  2. Tracy Degnan of Rockingham Planning Commission provided updates regarding Goss Farm, financing of former Rand Lumber acquisition, procedures for wetlands applications. More Detail
  3. NH DES approvals for 1126, 1232 and 2575 Ocean Blvd. were discussed.  More Detail
  4. A $3 million “place holder” bond for 2017 will be made as a CIP Plan request.  More Detail
  5. Site revisits at 103 Locke Rd., 23 Appledore Ave. and 7 West Atlantic Ave. will be conducted.  More Detail