RCL notes of July 24, 2017 BOS meeting

F ile for the Civic News:  RyeBOSrclNotes072417revB

  1. The State will hold a meeting on the scaled-down Jenness Beach Bathhouse on August 9 at the Library. More Detail
  2. Residents expressed strong objection to the Town’s Attorney now siding with the Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club on the plan to reconfigure Sanders Poynt to abide by the court order. More Detail
  3. A resident complained that the posters presented at the July 10th BOS meeting on water quality testing were not being made publicly available. These are allegedly the property of CMA Engineers, Selectman Musselman’s firm, and were apparently retained by his firm, allegedly placing them beyond the reach of the right-to-know law.  More Detail
  4. The Town will proceed with an RFP for solar panel installation, even though many candidate sites are in the Historic District, where solar panels visible from the street are prohibited. More Detail
  5. Mike Cotreau has been appointed as the new Fire Chief without any public input or discussion. He is currently Fire Chief in Concord, Massachusetts.
  6. Rye Water District Commissioner Art Ditto was appointed as the Rye representative to the Seacoast Drinking Water Commission formed by new State legislation. State Representative Mindi Messmer had also sought appointment.  More Detail
  7. Additional Grove Road Landfill testing confirmed PFC (carcinogen) levels above the State maximum. More Detail

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