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 1. The committee is examining per the building inspector’s request  how to potentially incorporate elements of the NH Shoreland Water Protection Act SWPA (2008) and specifically how its Section 483-B:9 Minimum Shoreland Protection Standards  Click heremight be incorporated into the Rye Zoning Ordinance’s (RZO) Section 301.8 Wetland Buffers (RZO page 20  Click here)
2.  There is currently no mention of SWPA or its standards, some differing from the RZO, in the RZO and thus no ability for the town to apply or enforce the standards beyond what the state may apply at the original permitting or during state enforcement.
3.  Rye relies on its own ordinance, which differs for the areas subject to SWPA, thus causing confusion and extra work for landowners and staff as well as providing Rye more limited site planning authority and less enforcement ability.
4.  A major focus of any potential changes to the RZO will be on the trimming/removal of trees and brush etc. in buffers as the SWPA standards are more fully developed with less possibility of confusion as to what can be done or not done and how in buffers, while technically more complex.
5.  A second area of effort is discussion per building inspector’s request of RZO changes to improve the permanent marking of wetland buffers and wetlands properties early in the process when properties are re developed as wetland scientist delineation occurs, to reduce confusion and improve compliance with the protection of these areas and allow easier visibility to any potential violations.
 Link to the SWPA RSA Chapter 483-B: Click Here
Shorelands Jurisdiction for the SWPA Click Here
SWPA Shorelands Standards Summary   Click Here

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