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RCL Notes of November 12, 2014 Planning Board Meeting

RCL Notes for Civic news:  RyePlngBoardNotes111214revBfinal 561 South Rd (Rye Farm):  Continued to December 9. More Detail Retaining wall at Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club approved. More Detail  72 Lafayette Rd: Tear down and rebuild of former MB facility discussed. More Detail  464 Brackett Rd: Eleven lot subdivision discussed. More Detail   Lighting, Flood Plain and clerical […]

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RCL Planning Board Meeting Notes October 14, 2014

NOTES OF OCTOBER 14, 2014 RYE PLANNING BOARD MEETING Final Revision B – Provided by theRyeCivic League Present and seated counterclockwise around the table (Regular Planning Board members except as noted):  Alternate Ann Crotty, Jerry Gittlein, Ray Tweedie, Phil Winslow, Town Counsel Michael Donovan, Bill Epperson, Planning Administrator Kim Reed, Mel Low, Alternate Jeff Quinn, […]

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Rye Farm (561 South Rd) Site Walk RCL Notes

RCL Notes: RyePlngBoardNotes091514siteWalkRyeFarmRevCfinal 1.  Rye Water District representatives showed the wellheads located 1000 feet away, but developer Don Cook asserts that, in the absence of a Retirement Community Development (RCD) (which might be applied for later) the distance would be twice that. 2.  The subdivision would consist of five lots, one with an existing house.  The […]

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RCL notes of September 9, 2014 Planning Board Meeting

Planning Board meeting Sept 9, 2014 – selected items with time stamps 243 Central Rd (3:38) – Altus engineering representing owner Dan  Philbrick proposal to demo existing building and replace with two story building for single or mixed office use;  new building would be closer to road with parking in back  (3:38) Discussion: 14:00 – Flexibility of […]

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RCL July 29, 2014 Planning Board TRC notes

NOTES OF JULY 29, 2014 RYE TECHNICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING Final Revision C – Provided by the Rye Civic League Summary Demolition of existing commercial building at 243 Central Rd. and replacement with new two story 3500 sq. ft. building discussed.  The need for a use intensity statement and drainage study are discussed. Addition of […]

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Planning Board August 12, 2014 RCL notes

1. 511 Wallis Rd- (formerRandproperty) major subdivision –  AttorneyPhoenix(02:45) – Builder O’Brien presents – changes relating to four seasons rooms, basements, porches, etc.  (15:50) – Public Hearing though it was not required (27:00) – Accept jurisdiction and approve plan for screened in porches (28:00)    2.  60 Elwyn Rd- two lot subdivision on one driveway  (32:30) […]

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RCL Planning Board – August 28, 2014 Rules and Regulations notes

Members present: Keriann Roman, Chair of the Rules and Regulations and Bill Epperson, Chair of the Planning Board, member Ray Tweedie was absent. Also present, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Kim Reed. Chair Keriann Roman acknowledged receipt of documents sent by Sam Winebaum (same documents which were sent to the board in 2013 and earlier in […]

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Planning Board Chair Master Plan Process Memo

Master Plan process memo

Planning Board Chair Memo to the Planning Department:

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Planning Board: Negated Rules of Procedure

RCL memo:  RCL ROP Letter 7-28-14 RCL Table: RCL P.B. ROP content comparison 24 July 2014 What RCL found in Public Documents:  ROP discussion in PB Meeting Notes 2009 Rules of Procedure:  PB_Rules_of_Procedure 2009  These are what were posted on the Town Website until July 0f 2014, they have now been removed. Negated Rules of Procedures: […]

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Preparing for Climate Change May 5th Handouts

May 5th Preparing for Climate Change handouts Organizational Groups:  Climate Change Groups Flow Chart June 16th Meeting Flyer:  Rye Preparing for Climate Change June 16th Flyer

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Rye Helping Rye COVID-19

RCL will create a Rye Helping Hands Facebook Page but we need two or three Facebook people to admin the […]

Most Current Rye Civic News

Rye Civic News January 2019 from the RCL Rye Civic News December 2018 from the RCL Rye Civic News November […]

RCL Parson’s Creek Pollution Information

December 11, 2017 presentation to BOS repeats known findings that we have an issue.   Video Click Here – 1:34 after […]

2020 Rye Citizens Handbook

Civic News October 2020

Communities & Consequences

“Communities & Consequences: The Unbalancing of New Hampshire’s Human Ecology and What We Can Do About It” by Peter Francese […]

Civic News docs Sept 2020

Parsonage TD Bank Library 2020

There may be more information available through out August, so the RCL will post new information to this location.

August 2020 Civic News docs